HPC Policy

[A] User Account creation

1. User can open account online through portal.

2. The facility can be used by registered users, the accounts can be created as follows,

Users Type Expiry Remark
Faculty Internal 3 Years
Research Scholar of Institute Internal 2 Years On Approval of Faculty
Technical & Scientific Staff of Institute Internal 2 Years On Approval of Faculty or supervisor
External Member (Faculty/Scholar/Scientific/Technical personnel outside IOP) External Maximum period of 1 Year On approval from head of external institute/department and faculty from IOP

3. User should make sure the provided e-mail should be valid and live till the period of usage, any further communication will be communicated only through registered e-mail id.

4. Account will be created only after confirmation mail received from the collaborating faculty.

[B] User Account Renewal

1. Renewal of Internal users can be done through request over e-mail and approval of authority.

2. Renewal of external users are subject to re verification from head of external institute and faculty from IOP.

3. Account of any user leaves the Institute will be disabled automatically and data will be stored for maximum duration of 24 months.

[C] Usage (Queue, Storage Quota)

The facility is shared by authorized users, so user’s action are responsible for maximum and optimize utilization of facility.

1. User should not run job, memory intensive or visualization analysis on head node, any job on head node will be killed by administrator without any notice.

2. The storage quota has been 1 TB per users and can be increased on request through proper channel temporarily.

3. The following queue have been made, user should submit their job accordingly.

Sr. No. Queue Name Max Node / Cores Max. Wall time (in hh:mm:ss) Remark
01. serial 01 / 24 96:00:00
02. small 10 / 240 96:00:00
03. medium 15 / 360 72:00:00
04. large 20 / 480 72:00:00
05. phi For Xeon-phi
06. gpu For Nvidia

4. User should not use more than 220 CPU cores to submit their jobs at a given time, any request for usage beyond this limit should be communicated and addressed separately.

5. Currently, HPC facility do not have any backup mechanism and users are requested to take backup of important files other than storage of HPC facility.

[D] General Terms and Condition

1. The HPC facility is solely for research and academic purpose and NOT to be used for any commercial, profit making, consultancy purpose.

2. User are responsible for their account and to protect from unauthorized usage.

3. User should not disclose the username & password to other user.

4. System Administrator for HPC facility never send any e-mail seeking confidential information, passwords etc.

5. Users are requested to acknowledge the facility in their publication, research article etc.

6. Any maintenance, shutdown activity will be informed in advance however in case of any emergency, unavoidable circumstance activities can be performed without notice.

7. The policy document will be reviewed in every three months by Computer Committee of Institute, However in case of any immediate change in policy document the committee member can meet and propose the change.

8. Users are requested to use facility in responsible manner for optimal usage.

9. Any decision taken by committee will be final and abide to all users.

[E] Guide Lines for External Member

1. Account for external member can be created only after approval of Computer Committee of Institute.

2. User should clearly mention the area of research interest, justification and duration of usage.

3. External member will be provided separate queue where the usage restriction will be as follows,

Three (3) CPU Node72 CPU cores
Three (3) GPU Node72 CPU cores + 6 GPU Cards
Three (3) Xeon-Phi Node72 CPU cores + 6 Xeon-Phi Cards

4. User must acknowledge the facility in case of results from SAMKHYA system are published and a copy of publication (paper, conference proceeding, book etc.) should be sent to System Administrator (hpcadmin@iopb.res.in / makrand.s@iopb.res.in) for HPC report.

“The simulations and/or computations was supported in part by the SAMKHYA: High Performance Computing Facility provided by Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar.”

[F] Support & Mailing Lists

User can send their queries, support issue to hpcsupport@iopb.res.in.

The mailing list hpcusers@iopb.res.in consist all users can be used as discussion forum and announcement.